About ProCal and VF Information

Cool things about ProCal for ProForm

ProCal is an add-in for SoftPro ProForm, standard or enterprise editions. (12 and 6)  ProCal is the central place to manage the closing schedule.  Within ProCal you can see a ton of information about the scheduled closings, signings, or other scheduled items.  From who’s going to be there, to what needs done.

ProCal incorporates color and pictures defined by you, to highlight what you need to know.  Each closing is displayed using file information to determine what the closing looks like.  Maybe you have an agent you like to watch out for, you can set a pattern for just them.  Displaying Bank Logo's has been popular, as well as closers pictures.

ProCal is also a powerful communications engine.  It can at your command email boilerplate emails that have file specific information in them.  Sometimes files need attached, no problem with ProCal's capabilities.

ProCal even recognizes if you are sending to multiple recipients and automatically Blind Copies them, to protect email addresses.  To keep it personal, for one recipient, they simply receive the message normally.

About VF Information, LLC

VF Information, LLC started in 2002.  After spending 10 years as a consultant to the Title Industry and as the IT Director for the largest Title Agent in South Western Ohio, Dan decided to once again hang his shingle out. A few years before that he ran successful electronic service facilities in the Western Pennsylvania area. 

VF Information, LLC owns and operates multiple websites, including ProGFE.com, an estimating tool for ProForm users, SoftProSupport.com, SoftProDeveloper.com, SoftProUsers.Com and SoftProAgent.com.  We do custom development using Visual Studio and other tools, providing data interfaces and custom add on's for SoftPro's suite of products.  We team with other professionals who also support SoftPro in different ways.

VF Information, LLC
4718 W National Rd
Springfield, Ohio 45504



Double Click a file to open it in ProForm

See who's going to be there at a glance

Send email to ProForm contacts directly from ProCal

Add Signings, Vacations, and other non ProForm appointments

Automatically set the background color, Image, or hatch pattern, by over 20 ProForm fields