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ProCal originally came out in 2001 and has been getting better ever since.  It has been replaced with the Calendar Robot which currently updates an Exchange or Office 365 based calendar

With the latest release it has become a full featured calendaring application for the small to medium sized Title business.  ProCal is an automatic calendar pulling most of the details from SoftPro, once you set a closing date, file specific information is displayed in ProCal.  It allows additional items to be added, and even linked to ProForm files. 

You can send emails to clients directly from ProCal including file specific information.   Send emails with informative subjects, that will be read. ProCal is merge to email.  Attachments can be added with a click.  ProCal can also send appointments that appear on the recipients calendaring software.

Fly over closings to see the main contacts as well as the tracking items that are not completed.  A quick mouse sweep and you know what needs done.   ProCal assists in other ways. Maybe you just wonder what files are not marked with a Status of Completed, with a quick filter change ProCal is at your command. 

A quick double click on a file, and it opens in ProForm.

Other Utilities

Check out for more utilities, or stop by the SoftPro users group for a visit.


ProCal actually replaced the book.  I can't believe it!


We don't use half of it, and we love it!