Download ProCal and learn how it will help

ProCal's licensing allows you to take a test drive for 30 working days.  There has always been something in Missouri's slogan that I've enjoyed. The "show-me" state has it down.So let us show you what ProCal can do for you.

For providing our hard work and effort to you for 30 working days
without charge, We would like to know a little about you. 

Can you lie, yes you can.  But why... we don't send emails, we won't sell your information to another company. We might send you an email telling you about a new product we have.  We won't send many, as these products don't grow on trees.

We just like to know where our application travels.

If you don't run ProForm from the SoftPro Corporation, ProCal will not operate on your system.

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Download a Demo first

Procal provides a 30 day test version that's pretty easy to install.  Documents are created along the way to guide the simple setup which allows one or many computers to test ProCal before you purchase it.

When a workstation is installed and during the first run, ProCal will automatically configure itself to the network, and acquire a license.

Workstations can be deactivated to move a license from one machine to another.  Licenses are tied to either the WorkStation or in a Terminal Server environment the user.

If a workstation hard drive fails, let us know, and we will free that license for you.