ProCal ScreenShots

ProCal in Action

Here are some screen shots of ProCal in action, some have been resized for display on the web site.

As you mouse over a closing, the information at in the Quick Info and Tracking Info tab's instantly update. Clicking on a closing locks the information in.

Double clicking on an item, opens the associated file in ProForm.

Right click on an item, to Edit an appointment, Send eMail, Send appointments, or to Open the file in ProForm

The Tracking Info Tab mainly covers incomplete in progress tracking items.

Here are 2 views showing the compressed view as well as a Status filter change while the date range remains the same.

The compressed mode is excellent for seeing what all is going on, then you can drill down to one day, or a few days to see the details.  The currently highlighted file always shows the full description in the box under the calendar.

A new Appointment is entered on this screen


ProCal has plenty more to offer, Download a copy today and try it out.  The default license is good for 30 unique days, so if you get busy with other things, the ProCal Demo will wait for your time.  It only takes a few seconds of use for many mangers to start smiling.