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ProCal is sold on-line through Google Checkout, accepting credit cards If you would prefer to pay by check, after calculating your cost, send a check for the amount, with the quantity of licenses that you expect to the address at the bottom of this page. 

Cost Calculator

Workstations that need ProCal in your Company      




Note: Google Checkout is gone, send an email from the Support Page for payment information    


We will send the Serial number to the email address you use in Google Checkout. It typically takes 1 to 4 hours, but can take 24 hours to provide your Serial Number. You can deploy under the demo license, the license goes in the config program. Workstations automatically acquire a company license.

AMS is required in the first year, and recommended in subsequent years. As SoftPro changes ProForm, ProCal will be updated to work with it.If you are on SoftPro's AMS, you need ProCal's AMS.  We work closely with SoftPro to anticipate changes, and be prepared for new releases.

Ohio business should expect to pay sales tax and include the amount for their County if sending payment.

Send Payments to:
VF Information, LLC
4718 W National RD
Springfield, OH 45504

When sending Checks, if possible please include an email address, we will return your serial number and invoice to that address. Otherwise we will send it USPS.


Download a Demo first

Procal provides a 30 day test version that's pretty
easy to install.  Documents are created along the
way to guide the simple setup which allows one
or may computers to test
ProCal before you purchase it.

 Download a trial version
of ProCal here

When a workstation is installed and during the first
run, ProCal will automatically configure itself to the
network, and acquire a license.

Workstations can be deactivated to move a license
from one machine to another. 

When a drive leaves you, let us know, and
we will free that license for you.