ProCal Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few questions people have asked about ProCal.

Q: What's it cost?
A: A 2 user license is currently $522, 5 users is $1026.  ProCal quickly drops to $99 per user.  See the Purchase page for a cost calculator.

Q: Can I put my own things on the calendar?
A: Absolutely, you can even associate them with ProForm Closings to put the information you need in front of you when you need it

Q: How does it set the time for a closing?
A: ProCal initially sets the closing time based on a time frame you setup for Purchases and another for Refinances.  Then you can change the time for special occasions.

Q: Can I change the default text that shows up on the calendar? A: Yes, that text is fully user configurable, pull data from over 100 ProForm fields, the complete list is in the help documents.

Q: We want to include travel time from one location to another?
A: ProCal does not support that, nor do we know of anyone doing it.  The possibilities exist with the Google API, but ProCal is outside the bounds of their license agreement.  We considered point to point calculations, but there are a number of reasons that doesn't work. We come from hilly country where point to point calculations are useless.

Q: Can I change a persons name in ProCal?
A: Well sort of.  You can't directly change it, but a double click on a closing brings that file up in ProForm.  If ProForm is not running ProCal will start it and resize it so it doesn't fill up the whole monitor.  Making that location and size a user setting is on the fun side of our to-do list.  (It's a pet peeve of one of the ProCal developers)

Q: How does it send emails?A: ProCal uses your SMTP servers, weather that be an on-site exchange or Linux system, or a hosted service on the Internet. ProCal supports Port control, SSL, and authentication for SMTP servers.

Q: Can I select more than one day at a time?
A: Sure, ProCal allows you to select multiple days, when you go over about 8, it switches views to fit the days in the window.  People set the Status Filter to a specific item, and look at last month all the time.

Q: What's with the tracking items?
A: ProCal will show the incomplete tracking items for listed closings. Pull up the week, and quickly mouse over closings to view what needs done.

Q: We use the Status Comment field to note where a closing is being held, can I see that in ProCal?
A: Indeed you can, we were surprised at how many SoftPro Clients did this, we figure it's something that Loren Harrell recommended.  We miss Loren sometimes, he's over at working with his son.  Checkout what he's doing sometime.

Q: Can I put multiple images on a single closing?
A: It depends how you mean.  If you're looking to put an image on for the Lender, another for the Agent's company and another one for the closer, then yes you can.  Over 2 images per closing can get tight like 3 abreast at Daytona International Speedway.  We have thoughts of changing that, let us know what you think.  If you mean multiple images on a ProCal defined appointment, then no, sorry, 1 picture per appointment.  This one's on the push list too, let us know what you think.

Q: How is ProCal licensed?A: ProCal is licensed per workstation, or on Terminal Server per user.

Q: How hard is the install? A: ProCal is a multi step install, but it's highly automated.  You'll install the contents of the downloaded file , then start up the configuration program.  It will likely automatically configure ProCal for your network. (if it's run from a SoftPro Client Workstation)  Then run the client installs from the shared folder and you're ready to go.  The client install is a 2 click install, go and done.

Q: What is a merge email A: A merge email is very similar to a Word Merge document, or even a ProDesign print document from ProForm.  ProCal supports over 115 ProForm Database fields so you can customize outgoing email automatically. Fields like {[PropStre}}, {{County}} {{StateLet}} can be used to customize the emails.

Q: Does ProCal email support formulas like {{SalesPrice - Loan Amount}}? A: It does, in fact it supports all relevant ProForm formulas, and adds features like IF/THEN statements. Full SubStr support, as well as other advanced functions are provided.

Q: Can I print a Calendar? A: Yes ProCal not only supports printing of the calendar, we recommend the person who used to keep the "book" print out the calendar and keep it near the books location.  You have control over what prints on the calendar using the fields and functions ProCal provides.

Q: Does ProCal work with ProForm X? A: ProCal is designed for both Standard and Enterprise editions of ProForm.  We are currently supporting Standard 12 with Access Databases, Standard 12 with SQL databases, and Enterprise 6.  As SoftPro comes out with new version ProCal will too.  If you have an older version of ProForm, ProCal will probably work, but we haven't tested it due to the GFE requirements.

Q: How do the names appear on the calendar? A: By default it shows {{ByrShort}}/{{SlrShort}} {{FirmFileShort}}, which is the Buyers last name, the Sellers Last Name and a ProCal shortened File Number.  You are in control of what displays by using ProCal Fields and Formulas.

Q: What fields can I use to Colorize or put images on a Closing? A: There are 25 control fields including  Ag701Frm, Ag701Nam, Ag702Frm, Ag702Nam, ByrName, Closer, County, Escrower, Examiner, LenName, LoanOfcr, LoanPrcr, MktSource, MtbName, Office, PolcType, ProdCode, PropZip, PurcRefi, SettStat, SlrName, StateLet, SvrName, UAgentNo, and UndName.  If you have a need to control a different field, let us know.

Q: What is it built on?A: ProCal was built in Visual Studio 2010 using .NET 3.5.

Q: Last one? A: Yep.